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In 2005, a team of parents came together to discuss the need for ongoing services in East Elmhurst, Queens New York.

An influx of low-income, Latinx, and other cultures had joined the community within a 10-year span. There was an immediate need for children and family services accessible close to home-immediate access to youth programs, family activities in the summer, and support services for English Language Learners. 

For The Youth, Inc hosted six consecutive years of sports activities within the community. We implemented a satellite site in Queens; while operating a home-based office in the Bronx; employed youth under NYC's Department of Youth and Children Development SYEP program; and hosted the first juvenile justice project in the area for at-risk youth.

The Mission of For The Youth, Inc is to uplift youth populations and families throughout the boroughs of New York City and surrounding areas.

To help those who are at-risk by providing tools that support higher education, positive development, and will prevent recidivism.


Our vision is a society that offers solid support, healing, and therapeutic alternatives; to implement an ongoing support link in the community benefiting all. 

Mediocre programs and services will not be beneficial to the youth development process. There must be solid access to supportive programs in order for youth and families to progress in our society.  |  SITE TEL:973.454.8940 | FAX: 732.582.3879

Our History

2024 Agenda

Youth Basketball Game
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Micro-school Education


In the era of COV-19 and a transitioning education system, youth and families need a new approach to meeting educational goals. Our plan is to utilize technology resources and conduct safe programs and outlets closest to home. We achieve this by assuring that we are in compliance with ongoing diagnostics testing and monitoring requirements; while providing out-of-school time, afterschool, and summer education and self-sufficiency services/resources.

'The Commissary Commission' established in 2007 was a reaction to the call of juveniles who have been committed to the justice system. Although our organization proved to diminish crime and violence within the community amongst youth, majority of youth populations in East Elmhurst, New York had some form of contact with the correctional, probation, and/or juvenile justice system. Our approach to erasing the harsh implications of injustices and developing law abiding functional citizens cannot and will not be mimicked. 

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