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Executive Director/Akeisha A. Wynter, M.A.C.J.A; M.A.T

Site Manager/Ahayla Horsham

Administrator/Mark Sinclair

Headquarter Manager/Hayden Horsham Jr.

CFO/Kwame Ocran

Founder/Hayden Horsham Sr.

Advisory Board Member/ 

WE ARE.....

We deserve what is due to us...
We deserve a chance to strive high...

We value solidarity and growing our community. 
We Believe...

Queens, New York

Home of
The Invitational Classic
Q- CITY B-Ball 2023
NYC Skyline BW

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3107 96 Street,

East Elmhurst, NY 11369


Site Tel: 973. 454. 8940

FAX: 732. 582. 3879

NYC Skyline BW
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